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One of the best projects out right now OFF THE HOOK by 100Milez.

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 Some of the features on OFF THE HOOK.

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U already Kno nigga don't stop and u already Kno I'm not gonna stop going too the top u already Kno

Mamita, West Chester Pa

Just stopping by to show some love!.. I

Lion Riots, Jamaica

I like the new Milez Fire bro. Keep it coming and let me know when we can work.

Joules, Reading,Pa

Dope music..Cant to hear more

NexusminaTi, Puerto Rico

Rhythm Of My Life Is Dope Track. We Going To The Top.

House Of Starz, Tampa Florida

Rhythm Of My Life & Gotta Go Get Mines is brought to you by 100M and House Of Starz

Miriam Velez, Reading Pa.

Love You and God Bless.

D Blaze, Reading Pa.


Izzi Starz, Florida

Websites dope boy and that new track Rhythm Of My Life is

Yesenia Torres, Puerto Rico

Hey Boo!! just had to pass by and show your page some love. Love your music keep it coming. XoXo

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