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AHundred Milez has released a free promotional download entitled "Rhythm of my Life"and is bringing it hard with lock-tight rhymes and bars.  

 This single will also appeal to those who enjoy the golden age by merging Corona's 1993 hit "Rhythm of the NIght".  Corona topped the charts with her dance hit and had fans on the dance floor all night long in the club and at home, even to this day.  

 AHundred Milez has the same potential with his rendition by having this club banger preaching of "coming together" and being "about love, unity, respect, and loyalty."  Such topics is what we all are confronting; police brutality and having to keep a look out for those who are all about causing the next person harm either physically or mentally.  

 So "stay focused" because it is "survival of the fittest."

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